Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rewards compatible with coupons?
Yes. Markquart Rewards are compatible with Markquart coupons, unless otherwise noted.

Am I limited as to how much I can redeem on a service repair?
There is no limit to the amount of Rewards you can redeem on a qualifying service repair over $500. As long as you have the Rewards available you can redeem them for 5% of the invoice after coupons and before taxes.

Can I have more than one person on my account?
Yes, as long as they have the same home address.

Can you explain the Buy 5 Get $25 redemption option?
Click here to learn more.

Can I combine my Rewards with someone else's?
People in the same household can earn Rewards together on the same account but you cannot combine Rewards from separate accounts.

Do Markquart Rewards have any cash value?
Not in the sense that you can exchange your Rewards for cash. They do, however, have real value when you make a qualifying purchase because you can use your Rewards in lieu of cash for part of that purchase.

One of the redemption options is tires. Are your tires prices competitive?
Yes, both Markquart Motors and Markquart Toyota have very competitive tire programs. GM even offers a price match guarantee. Your $20 per tire Rewards are deducted from our lowest tire price.

Why do I have to wait seven days before being able to redeem earned rewards?
We need time to process and verify the Rewards. We also need time to allow for the occasional return.